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And Mr Stride said, “Let us commit ourselves to the problem of sovereignty in Gibraltar … It would be very unusual for something with a particular country to be used to be a wrench in the works.”

The policy statement is a separate document withdrawal agreement of 585 pages, published last week, covering the “divorce letter” of £ 39 billion UK, citizens’ rights after Brexit and the thorny issue of “support” of Ireland of the North: how to avoid The need for manned customs posts on the Irish border.

The withdrawal agreement is legally binding, while the political statement is not.

It sets broad aspirations for the kind of relationship that the UK and the EU will have after Brexit.

However, part of its wording is not compromised, which allows both sides to keep their options open, which has generated criticism in the House of Commons.

Media captionCorbyn: EU agreement is “the worst of all worlds”
Union leader Jeremy Corbyn described the agreement as “26 waffle pages” that “could have been written two years ago.”

“This is the blindfolded Brexit we all dreaded: a leap in the dark … What the hell has the government been doing for the past two years?”

Lib Dem leader Sir Vince Cable, who is campaigning for another referendum, described him as an “agreement to have an agreement” that was “filled with disturbingly vague aspirations.”

Conservatives Sir Nicholas Soames and Nick Herbert were among the few parliamentarians who spoke in favor of Mrs May’s agreement during the debate.

But many of Tory’s supporters were unhappy. Philip Lee, who resigned from the government in protest of his handling of Brexit, said it “reads like a letter to Santa.”

Scottish conservative parliamentarians are also concerned that the statement will not protect the interests of the British fishing industry.