Robert Kubica: How did he return to F1 after a life-changing injury?

The power of history and the resilience of its subject are unmissable – Robert Kubica will be racing in Formula 1 next year eight long years after he was almost killed, and with what can only be described as a deficiency.

Pole’s right arm, 33, is a testament to the brutal battle that Kubica fought since much of the right side of his body was crushed by a barrier that entered his car at a rally in northern Italy in February. from 2011 .

At the time, he was one of the brightest stars of F1, about to start his second season with Renault, and had already signed to join Ferrari as a teammate of Fernando Alonso in 2012.

But that possible future was torn from him when he lost control on a cold mountain road, hit the barrier and fought for his life, with a right arm partially cut and multiple fractures.

That arm and hand bear the effects of this accident until today – visibly atrophied, maintained without form, with clearly limited force and partial movement.

This is clear from shots in his car directing his Williams in practice sessions this year; You can not bend the fingers of the right hand, then half wedge the disc against the steering wheel, effectively using not much more than friction to turn on that side.

And yet, Kubica was announced as a Williams driver for the 2019 Formula 1 season.

It is one of the most remarkable stories of return in the history of sport.

Kubica will make the return of F1 with Williams in 2019
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